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Family members and care professionals log into the secure caregiver website remotely, at any time, from wherever they have internet access.

They choose the features they want Memo to display, and add reminders, calendar events, to dos, photos and other important information.

Messages, reminders, and photos appear automatically on a tablet in the elder's home through the free Memo application.

Memo is easily customized for each elder. For someone who resists technology, is easily confused, or is just getting used to Memo, the display can be very simple.

For an elder who is interested in technology, learns new things easily, or is ready for something new, many features can be added to make Memo appealing and friendly.

Optional features to add if and when they're ready


  • Events for any date
  • Repeating events by day, week or month
  • Ringtone alerts that sound before events
  • Daily or weekly view

To Do List

  • Events for any date
  • Repeating events by day, week or month
  • Option to repeat item on the following day if not marked “Done”


  • Today's weather by zip code
  • Large pictures and words
  • Forecast for next three days

Phone List

  • Up to eight phone numbers
  • Numbers and associated names can be entered in any format, chosen by the caregiver. 


  • Name of medications
  • Descriptions of them
  • Instructions for taking them
  • Four times a day, seven days a week

Photo Album

  • Photos grouped by album
  • Albums identified by pictures as well as text
  • Pictures pop up in large size when touched

Help Button

  • Sends email, text, or both to caregiver
  • Asks elder to confirm help message to avoid "curiosity calls"

Try Memo for Free!

  • Set up a trial account
  • See how easy it is
  • Share with your siblings and other caregivers
  • You can see exactly how the Memo screen will look
  • Good for 14 days


Purchase Memo Now!

  • Set up your caregiver account
  • Purchase a monthly subscription to the Caregiver website
  • Start configuring the Memo display immediately
  • Give access to siblings and other caregivers if you like
  • Select and purchase an Apple or Android tablet and download the free Memo application


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