Return Policy

We understand that Memo will not work equally well for all recipients. Some elders may be too advanced in their memory loss or simply resistant to trying new things, and Memo may never “catch on” for them. Therefore, we have established the following return policy.

Refund of the subscription:

  • If, after 3 months (but not before, as a gradual introduction is essential for acceptance), you are convinced that Memo is not a viable solution for you, you can cancel your remaining subscription (what’s left after the current month) and we will refund the balance.

Refund of the device:

  • If cancelling within 6 months, you have the option of returning the undamaged, unworn tablet and its original accessories for a 50% refund (pending inspection of the tablet).
  • Or you can keep the tablet and we will provide instructions for reverting it back to the original Android operating system so you have a tablet for your personal use.

After 6 months, we cannot accept returned tablets, but will provide instructions for reverting Memo back to the Android operating system and refund the remaining subscription.

Try Memo for Free!

  • Set up a trial account
  • See how easy it is
  • Share with your siblings and other caregivers
  • You can see exactly how the Memo screen will look
  • Good for 14 days


Purchase Memo Now!

  • Set up your caregiver account
  • Purchase a monthly subscription to the Caregiver website
  • Start configuring the Memo display immediately
  • Give access to siblings and other caregivers if you like
  • Select and purchase an Apple or Android tablet and download the free Memo application


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