Subscribe to the Caregiver website that allows you to add and edit important reminders and other information remotel for only $9.99/month. Purchase or obtain an Android or iPad tablet. Maybe you or a friend already owns an older model. Many options available for new, used, and refurbished models. Download the free app from this website on to your elder's tablet. The app constantly displays the information for your elder.



Start by purchasing a month-to-month subscription to the caregiver website for $9.99/month. Then, download the Memo application that displays information automatically on the tablet in the elder's home for free.  Want to try it before you buy it? Try a free trial subscription of the caregiver website! Try Caregiver website

Why Choose Memo?

Memo is the only technology available today to help specifically with memory loss

Memo is always up to date and visible - unlike sticky notes and calendars - and can be updated remotely

Memo costs thousands less than home care and assisted living - and is there to remind 24/7

Memo never confuses elders with complicated menus, icons, links, or buttons, unlike other devices

Unlike drug therapies, benefits are immediate and there is no risk of side effects with Memo

Try Memo for Free!

  • Set up a trial account
  • See how easy it is
  • Share with your siblings and other caregivers
  • You can see exactly how the Memo screen will look
  • Good for 14 days


Purchase Memo Now!

  • Set up your caregiver account
  • Purchase a monthly subscription to the Caregiver website
  • Start configuring the Memo display immediately
  • Give access to siblings and other caregivers if you like
  • Select and purchase an Apple or Android tablet and download the free Memo application


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