Choosing a Tablet

You don't need the latest gadget to run Memo!

Memo requires:

  • Android or Apple tablet
  • WiFi internet connection or 3g or 4g
  • A capacitative touchscreen (not resistive)
  • If an older Android, updates to support Google Play website

We recommend:

  • Ten-inch screen (smaller makes the font too small for older eyes)
  • At least 1024 x 600 resolution




Also Check:

  • Local independent computer stores
  • Your family, friends, and neighbors
  • Your attic!


Try Memo for Free!

  • Set up a trial account
  • See how easy it is
  • Share with your siblings and other caregivers
  • You can see exactly how the Memo screen will look
  • Good for 14 days


Purchase Memo Now!

  • Set up your caregiver account
  • Purchase a monthly subscription to the Caregiver website
  • Start configuring the Memo display immediately
  • Give access to siblings and other caregivers if you like
  • Select and purchase an Apple or Android tablet and download the free Memo application


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