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Memo is the only technology available today to help specifically with memory loss.

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Managing Caregiving Stress

We heard this story from a friend and thought it was perfect for family members who care for Alzheimers patients or other dementias:

A speaker on stress management was carrying a glass of water. Everyone knew she would get to that question about whether it was half full or half empty. Instead, she asked them to guess how heavy the glass was. Answers ranged from 8 ounces to 20.

She said it doesn't matter how heavy it is. If you carry for a minute, it's no problem. If you carry it for an hour, your arm will ache. If you carry it around all day, they'll have to call the ambulance. You have to put the glass down and let your arm rest every so often.

So it is with stress. It's the burdens you're always carrying around, even if they seem small, that will kill you. So as early in the evening as you can, put down that stress and let yourself rest and refresh.

Great advice, we think!

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