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Upward Spirals for Dementia Caregivers

An exciting new study proves what we've "known" all along: people who maintain positive emotions live on an upward spiral toward happiness and health!

It seems that people who start the day with positive emotions broaden their attention to, and awareness of, positive experiences, and voila! Their lives are more positive.

In the context of caregiving for someone with Alzheimers or another dementia, it's entirely understandable that days begin with downward spirals. Everything is so tough! We at MemoTouch are entirely sympathetic with that.

People who can begin looking at the positive side of things, however, can possibly turn that around. Try beginning every day, before you even get out bed, by thinking three good thoughts, or think of three things you are thankful for, or think at least one thing you can look forward to - and then force your mouth into a smile. Stretch, yawn, and smile again. Now get up and start your day!

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