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Memo is the only technology available today to help specifically with memory loss.

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Technology Is Changing Dementia Caregiving: Memo Morphs into Mobile App

Technology Is Changing Dementia Caregiving: Memo Morphs into Mobile App

Oh, how things have changed just in the last two years! When we started MemoTouch in the summer of 2010, there were very few ten-inch tablets on the market, and most of them were way too expensive for our purposes. We chose a good one, loaded our software on it, and sold it as a package. 

Two years later – tablets have proliferated like weeds! There are so many choices of new tablets with screens large enough for Memo now. And as early-adopting techies move up to the latest generation of gadgets, used and refurbished tablets are increasingly available. 

The logical thing for MemoTouch was to redevelop our software as a mobile app for Apple and Android tablets and let customers choose the ones best or them.  The fully-loaded Memo, even with all the options, does not need the latest speeds and gadgets, so getting started doesn’t have to be expensive. Some guidelines for new, used, and refurbished tablets are available here. 

You can set up your system in three easy steps: 

  1. Purchase a subscription here
  2. Get a tablet (guidelines here)
  3. Download the free mobile app

 Your loved one will thank you!

Try Memo for Free!

  • Set up a trial account
  • See how easy it is
  • Share with your siblings and other caregivers
  • You can see exactly how the Memo screen will look
  • Good for 14 days


Purchase Memo Now!

  • Set up your caregiver account
  • Purchase a monthly subscription to the Caregiver website
  • Start configuring the Memo display immediately
  • Give access to siblings and other caregivers if you like
  • Select and purchase an Apple or Android tablet and download the free Memo application


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