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The Memo Story

One afternoon, in the days before we used ATM’s for banking, I was standing in line in the lobby of my credit union, waiting to cash a check or withdraw some money. They had installed a new electronic sign that kept repeating some message like, “Inquire about our new auto loans – now at 5%!” The message crawled across the sign, right to left, over and over. I was annoyed by the constant repetition—but I couldn’t stop myself from reading it!

Then I thought, I wish I had a sign like that in my mother’s apartment.

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About Memo

Memo Touch LLC was formed in 2010 with a vision of a single, simple way to help ease the stress and daily disruption caused by short-term memory loss on elders and their caregivers alike.

The inspiration for Memo was not a mega-corporation’s analysis of the aging population’s market potential, but rather the long-term and deeply emotional personal experiences of the founders in caring for those with diminished memory. The development of Memo was assisted by a team of gerontologists including both clinicians and researchers, award-winning software, design, and marketing companies, actual families piloting the product, and highly-qualified legal and accounting professionals, all of whom contributed to making Memo a real solution for real families with real stress. Read the story behind Memo.

Merilee Griffin, Ph. D.


Dr. Griffin has a long-term interest in brain growth and development and learning. In her early teaching career, she was especially drawn to understanding the complex processes by which language is learned and writing skills are developed. Her interest in brain function at the other end of life, among aging adults, grew out of her experience caring for her mother, an Alzheimer’s victim, and helping to care for several other family members with short-term memory loss.

After leaving teaching, she worked in public relations and public policy research before earning a Ph.D. in higher education at Michigan State University. Her research investigated how online interactions among educators produce learning and agreement about assessment of higher cognitive skills, another link to the puzzle of how the human brain works. She has spoken and written on the subject of assessing higher cognitive skills in many professional conferences and publications.

Most recently, during a summer hiatus that blossomed into a new career direction, she developed the Memo concept, co-founded Memo Touch, and applied for patents on the invention. Currently she leads Memo’s research and product development and manages operations. She advocates for additional funding for research on Alzheimer’s disease, supports the Alzheimers Association, and is hopeful of a cure for this terrible disease.

Carrie Beia

Vice President

With an undergraduate degree in Finance and an MBA in Human Resource Management, Ms. Beia serves as a consultant specializing in human capital.  She helps global companies transform their people’s performance though effective change management and communication practices, and has spent many years diagnosing individuals’ and organizations’ resistance to change and developing techniques to overcome mental and emotional obstacles.

She spent her early career in information technology, gaining insight into the different ways people of all skill levels learn and interact with technology, including those who did not consider themselves “computer users” or interact regularly with technology.

In 2004, she suddenly became the primary caregiver for her father following a stroke that resulted in permanent cognitive impairment.  It was that life-altering experience that helped Ms. Beia immediately understand the concept behind Memo and the profoundly beneficial impact it could have on elders with memory loss and their caregivers alike.

She serves as a business advisor to Memo Touch, providing input into the design of the product to ensure it meets the needs of those managing the lives of senior family members and driving the company’s marketing strategy.

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